Enterprise Mobility Book

Tiny Technology with Global Impact on Work

Dr Carsten Sørensen

London School of Economics and Political Science

Department of Management

The Information Systems and Innovation Group







With billions of mobile phones, hundreds of millions of notebook computers and a large range of other ubiquitous information technologies, it is difficult to locate a contemporary organization that does not in some way rely on mobile information technology. However, the essential challenges related to the organizational use of such technology (enterprise mobility) have so far only been subjected to sporadic research efforts. As an example, Google returns 1.7 million hits on the term, while Google Scholar only returns 821. This book provides an in-depth exploration of the main challenges mobile workers are faced with when engaging in the mutual adjustment of technological opportunities and organizational realities. As the technology in question offers uniquely intimate bonds with the user, the analysis emphasizes our understanding of such relationships, and distills the core characteristics of mobile information technology. It offers a comprehensive view of the challenges of resolving the paradox of facilitating fluid working arrangements while cultivating interaction, collaboration and control barriers. The book is based on a decade of research within the mobility@lse research unit at the LSE and contains in-depth analysis of 9 case studies as well as offering novel insights into the design possibilities of mobile and ubiquitous information technology in the context of the enterprise.

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